Packing and broadcasting on social media anywhere while carrying less than one pound of equipment.

Recently someone posed a question in a meeting “Who wakes up in the morning and reaches over to their phone to check their social media then work Email?”

Yup, that’s me. It will started a few years ago when I was building up the social media properties for Cisco retail marketing. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linked In groups, and I find myself needed to feed the content machine. Then I had to split my personal and professional properties (doubling everything).

When I was in NYC in January at the National Retail Federation Conference I had to figure out how to live feed content onsite without carrying a laptop and camera on the show floor.

Turns out my trusty iPhone 5 with a full set of apps worked out quite well to create, edit and upload content as long as you have a good wi fi connection.

With my new job now with the Cisco Connected Customer Experience I now have work related Twitter and Facebook plus personal Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, plus

Here is my list of survival tools on my iPhone (I am excluding the native apps provided by the social media providers). Some of them costs a few dollars, but the convience makes it worthwhile.

  • HootSuite – When you need to check on multiple Twitter, Facebook pages and other socal media, plus set up delayed posts. Hootsuite iPhone is a lifesaver.
  • iLoader HD – When you snap a lot of pictures and record videos on iPhone, getting it on to Facebook personal profiles and pages can be tedious. This app lets me tag everything in batches and upload.
  • Yousendit – Need to get videos and photos in original quality to desktop or team members for editing? Yousendit on iPhone allows you to upload everything to their cloud for downloading to desktop, iPad, or sharing with team members.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Perfect for editing the photos on iPhone before posting on social media
  • Morphie Power Station Battery – All that uploading over Wi Fi and video shooting is going to drain your phone. I carried one fully charged Morphie battery for the day and helped keep my iPhone functioning for the 8 hours on the show floor.

I just bought an iPhone mini- tripod to experiment with and probably will get a iPhone tripod adapter to use with my full size tripod in the future.

I also have a hand me down bluetooth keyboard but I haven’t figured out how well that will work with the iphone mini-tripod as a typing platform.

Maybe next time I will write the blog completely on my iPhone and see what happens.

Iphone App Screen

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