Keeping Calm amid Choas – When is it too much information too fast?

As the events this week unfold between Boston Marathon, I found myself initially grabbing onto all possible news sources from television to social media.

After a bit I realized that that social media coverage is now so fast that it became impossible to separate actual data and rumors in real time even by mainstream media sources.

Eventually  I simply decided to take a step back, disconnect from media and wait for the news to catch up with reality.

The goal of terrorism is to cause immediate injury but also to spread uncertainty and disrupt the normal flow of life of the target.   The huge flow of information becomes part of the effect of the act as it paralyzes the audience.

As anold cartoon by Bruce Beattie showed a newscaster stated  “What can we do to lessen the grip of fear from Terrorism?”, sometimes the answer is to turn off the television.

I did reach out to by friends who are in Boston to wish them them and their family well, turned off any marketing related social media broadcast for the day, and then I tried my best to return my normal routine.

To all the readers of this blog, may I suggest a donation to the Red Cross or your favorite local charity to help yourself and others after this week?


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