Sometimes you are just looking for a good sandwich in San Francisco

I have been called on by my friends and coworkers as the go to person for restaurants and eating recommendations, and usually it goes something like this “What is the best place to eat in San Francisco?”

My answer is always “What do YOU like to eat?” Because the reality is the “best” is always relative to two things: Price and Context

A casual weekday dinner with friends calls for different restaurants than a special anniversary, and in San Francisco, there are always plenty of options from $500 a person to $15 a person.

Sometimes, you just want to have a good sandwich and wash it down with a soda, and here are a few of my favorite spots in SF and brings their unique spin to the classics, without the hype of long lines.

Sammy’s on Second Street

Technically a local corner store, it features big fat hoagies, soda and a decent wine selection.  Grab it to go and walk down the street to the local park and enjoy

Sammys sandwich

Sentinel (Lunch Only)

My favorite place for breakfast (blog for another day), this place features creative lunch sandwiches from Rubicon alum Dennis Leary who also owns House of Shields next door, restaurant Canteen and other SF eateries.   Not your typical big fat sandwich, but a nice twist with upscale touch.

sentinel Sandwiches

Miller’s East Coast Deli

When you need an East Coast fix of Jewish Deli sandwiches, monster order of onion rings and egg cream.  This is the place to be in San Francisco.

Pastrami Sandwich with Egg Cream

I am sure there are many more places with famous sandwiches I have yet to try, but for my money and accessibility, these are the places for good solid sandwiches

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you are just looking for a good sandwich in San Francisco

  1. No, can’t say I have. I usually head to the Mission for tacos and burritos, though they do have some good torta. I will have to check that out.

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