Interesting retail displays that gets your attention

Retail is an interesting business because it is visual, emotional, and covers all the senses.

With the advent of E-Commerce there has been many articles written saying people are no longer shopping in stores and malls when they can buy everything online.

The fact is while E-commerce and social media is a growing part of retailing, people do leave their home to go shopping.  Retailers have been quite creative in creating experiences at the point of consideration to trigger browsing and purchases.

Here are a few notable ones that has been in my phone’s photo album for a while that I thought you may appreciate.


You may think the above are designer purses. This is actually cakes facing the street in SOHO New York of L’Ecole Restaurant at The French Culinary Institute.

Certainly drew me in for an afternoon snack


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, including this chocolate fountain display bigger than most retail stores to help sell desserts.


Floor to ceiling digital sign at the Chanel store in Beverly Hills California showcasing the latest runway footage.


Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine Texas features a giant fish tank with an island in the middle, where demonstrators can perform product demonstrations from lures to rods.

Wish I had bought that “Fish bat” for office decoration 🙂

Whoever said money doesn't buy hapiness simply doesn't know where to go shopping

Finally, sometimes a simple sign with the right copy is all you need.  My girlfriend loved this sign in the display window of a boutique in Burlingame, California that she stopped in.

What interesting retail displays have you seen that drew you to go in and browse the store?


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