Last weekend Renovation party at SFMOMA

I live around the corner from the San Francisco Modern Art Museum (SFMOMA) and have been a member since I moved to the bay area.

I made to the final weekend of SFMOMA before it’s three year shutdown for renovation and snapped a lot of pictures during the 24 hour party since I don’t know if the architectural details will change.

Consider this my photo time capsule of the last weekend of SFMOMA in 2013


iPhone 1754

Someone put a smiley face graffiti on the Top floor railing visible on Sunday morning. I was surprised there wasn’t more damage given the overnight party.

iPhone 1715

Top floor walking bridge with see through grill floor

Old San Francisco Firehouse space

Empty space where the San Francisco Fire station One used to be on Howard Street before it is moved to Folsom to make way for the SFMOMA expansion

iPhone 1710 iPhone 1716 iPhone 1720 iPhone 1724 iPhone 1725 iPhone 1726 iPhone 1727 iPhone 1729 iPhone 1730 iPhone 1731 iPhone 1735 iPhone 1737 iPhone 1752

View from the sky bridge down to the lobby. Final weekend evening party 2013

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