Visiting Art institute of Chicago June 2013

Every city I travel to I try to visit the local museums, and in my Chicago trip recently I spent at day at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Here are highlights of some of the pieces I enjoyed

Visit for more information on location and hours

iPhone 1965

Grey Diamond 1955 by Ilya Bolotowsky Neo Plasticism

iPhone 1939

Art Deco Panel from demolished buildings in Chicago. Love the combination of classic mythology figure with modern industrial gear

iPhone 1963

Untitled by Charles Biederman (1906 – 2004)
Paris 1937 Oil on Canvas
Is it wrong of me to think this looks like a plate of bacon?

iPhone 1960

Miss Expanding Universe by Isamu Noguchi 1904 – 1988 Aluminum. combined machine age streamlining with ancient haniwa sculpture. Later inspired costume for Ruth Page, dancer choreographer and her ballet Expanding Universe

iPhone 1956

Ceres – 1928 Art Deco Sculpture John Bradley Storres

iPhone 1951

At first glance this looks like modern objects, in fact these are 2000 B.C. to 4000 B.C. bannerstones


Modern Sculpture by Picasso

iPhone 1946

Chicago Exchange Room rebuild inside the museum

iPhone 1943

The America Windows by Marc Chagall
Commemorating the American Bicentennial

Antique Armor

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