Car spotting interesting cars in thestreets of San Francisco

San Francisco, with its concentration of wealth from financial services and the dot-com industries have always attracted its share of expensive cars in the street.

Especially around the hotels you also see weekend visitors and valet parking of cars from Silicon Valley and sometimes even international jet set crowd with foreign license plates.

After all, what’s the point of showing off yourself driving an interesting car if no one can see it? 🙂

On my instagram feed I have posted my shares of food and cars.  I thought I’d look back and write up on some of my favorites.

I general mask the license plates to give the owner privacy, and I want to thank them for actually driving the cars rather than have them sitting in garages and just preserving them for car shows.

Red Aston Martin in the Night

I use this one on my computer screen saver.  Almost perfect lighting against the color of the car parked in front of a San Francisco hotel.

Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-5 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-6

Black Stallion in the Night

I don’t use flashes generally and black cars are really hard to take pictures of in the open.

The owner of the car was walking towards the car and he was nice enough to pause to let me finish taking a picture of the tail of the car

Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-7 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-8 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-9

Classic Camino

I think this car is actually owned by someone in the construction/renovation business since I saw the car driving in the area later with supplies in the back.

Applaud to the owner for putting character on his work vehicle


Orange Barracuda on a Street Corner

This one drew my attention because of the color, and the owner just street parked it with the top down on a sunny day

Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-12 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-13

BMW in California paint scheme

To this day I don’t know what the story of this BMW is about.  It is some sort of racing/rally car I think because of the racing seats and the paint scheme.


Lamborghini  versus Audi Runoff

This series of pictures was most surprising for me.  I posted this series on instagram with the header: Which one would you pick, Audi R8 or Lambo?

Next thing I know I had 200+ Likes on the Audi in 24 hours, and  5 Likes for the Lamborghini

Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-22 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-24 Photo-10_18_13,-3.33.21-AM-25

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I have more pics to share for future posting if there are interest.

Like or reblog this if you enjoyed it.

Thanks to the car owners for letting their car out and using it as it is supposed to be.


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