5 Tips for Handling Commutes and Holiday Driving

With work in Silicon Valley and living in San Francisco, commuting by car is a necessary evil.  Having to do 2.5 hour round trip commutes now for a few years, I look over at fellow drivers sometimes and wonder “what were they thinking?”  Here are a few tips for myself that I’d like to share for my fellow road warriors to hopefully make the commute more comfortable.

If you are driving long distance for thanksgiving holiday, I wish you safe journey.

1. Pack Your Shades

In morning commutes it is unavoidable to be driving into the sun sometimes.  I leave a pair of sunglasses in the car and I am always surprised how many people are squinting while driving on the freeway.  You can go to a sporting goods store and get a decent pair of sunglasses with UV A/B protection for not a lot of money.  Just buy a pair and leave it in the car.

Kennleun Exotic Driving Experience Las Vegas

2. Wear Gloves while driving

You don’t need to channel Mario Andretti, but there are good reasons to wear gloves while driving. I get the open finger tip medium weight work gloves from Home Dept and leave it in the car.

  • It pads your hand against the steering wheel.  If you have to hold the steering wheel for an hour, a little padding on the palm goes a long way.  Instead of padding the steering wheel, pad your hands
  • It provides better grip to your steering wheel, and also keeps the hot steering wheel manageable during summer months
  • It helps protect your hand from sunburn and skin cancer from sun exposure.
  • It looks cool 🙂

Fingerless Gloves

3. Eliminate Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is not just for electric cars.  It is amazing to me how people let their gas tank run down and worry if they run out of gas on the road or in a traffic jam.

Fill up your tank when it is down to half.  Simple, so what if you have to get gas every 2 – 3 days?

Take a few minutes and eliminate the stress, and gives you a chance to do a walkabout your car to make sure there isn’t any visible problems.  (Once I discovered I had a broken headlight lens from a rock in the road)

Out of Gas

4. Keep Your Car Clean

If you shower once a day, shouldn’t your car get a shower once a week?

Unless you are driving in constructions sites or just came back from off road rallying, keep your windows and car exterior clean so you can see while you are driving.

Throw out those empty bottles (recycle) and food wrappers so nothing rattles around.  Trust me, that car air freshener just masks the smell, clean your car

Wash your car

5. Keep your electronics charged while driving

If you are driving for long distances, it pays to keep your electronics like mobile phone and music player while you are driving.

In case of emergencies and you have to pull over, you don’t want to face an empty cell phone battery while calling for assistance.  If you use your phone as a music player or talk to people while driving, your phone can be drained very quickly.  I recently got a dual USB charger adapter and it allows me to charge the phone and another device while commuting.  Just leave the charger and cable in the center console and plug your gear in before shift gear from Park.

Dual Charger

These are just a few that came to mind right now.  Anyway, have a safe thanksgiving drive for all your road warriors and be safe.

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