Car Photos from the 2013 San Francisco Auto Show

Over the Thanksgiving night after dinner I stopped by the San Francisco auto show which is always a fun place to spent an evening looking at new cars and exotics.  Below are some of my favorite photos from the car displays.  Hope you all enjoy it.  You should be able to click each photo for a larger image.

Faces of Carporn

The face of cars are almost anthromorphic, what do you think of the faces of these cars?

Green Bentley versus Silver Lambourghini

Would you take a green Bentley or a silver Lambourghni?

Ferrari 458

Part of the Ferrari Club pavilion. Nice to see something that isn’t red

Classic Mercedes

Convertible or Gull Wing Classic Mercedes?

NewCorvette Stingray

Have to admit the styling of the new Corvette is much more sophisticated than in the past and for the price it is a gorgeous car when lined up against the European sports cars

Lamborghini Aventador

One thing about Lamborghini is that the styling is extreme and you expect Batman to climb out of it.

Lamborghni Aventador

From the back side you almost expect this Lamborghni Aventador to have rockets flames on takeoff

Aston Martin versus Nissan GTR

Aston Martin or Nissan GTR? One car is James Bond, the other car is Jason Bourne

Hot Rod

This car reminds me of something from the Disney movie Cars

New Porsche Turbo

Porsche is Porsche, enough said for those who are fans

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