Top 10 Ways Retailers Changed the Game in 2013 by PSFK

Nice article from PSFK on Top 10 Retail Trends in 2013.  Nice recap of interesting use of technology and store concepts.    Only time will tell if these are actually game changing in the long run, but innovative nevertheless.

The augmented reality with IKEA is cool and when I was with Cisco at National Retail Federation show last year we demonstrated an Interior Inspirer proof of concept along similar lines but for store rather than mobile to help shoppers visualize their furniture purchases.

The one thing I would vote for in 2014 is for everyone to stop talking about showrooming and webrooming.  The channels don’t compete with or displace each other, it is part of the shopping journey now.!qRezo

Ikea’s AR Catalog Places Virtual Furniture In Shoppers’ Homes [Video]

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