Scenic Coastal drive San Francisco to Half Moon Bay Pt 1

One great thing about living in San Francisco is that if you want a quick escape to the Ocean it is just a short day trip drive away.  You can start driving in the morning and get a lot of ocean view stops in one day.  Here is a first part of one day trip from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay with plenty of time to spare.

Take 280 South and get on Highway One, first stop at Pacifica

Ptown Cafe, built from a converted railroad car. Chat about what’s new and what is interesting and new along the coast.


You can alsocheck out Gorilla BBQ in the same block also on a converted rail car if you start late for some smoked meats

Gorilla BBQ

Read my post on Gorilla BBQ Pacifica

Rockaway Beach in Pacifica

Nice little beach with a bit of hiking available and two restaurants Moonraker and Nick’s seafood.  Both places are worth a stop.  Check out my food blogs posts for those restaurants: blog post on Moonraker blog post on Nick’s seafood


Beach Bird


Driving further down the coast, our next stop is:

Pacifica Beach 

When I was there, plenty of surfers waiting for waves in the water.

Pacifica Beach Surfers

Taco Bell with the million dollar view

Right next to the Pacifica Beach is the only Taco Bell I have been to with a million dollar view and a patio to hang out in.  The food is typical Taco Bell, the View, Amazing.


View from inside

taco Bell Highway One view

Look for part 2 of this journey Here 

Open Road

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