Scenic Coastal drive San Francisco to Half Moon Bay Pt 2

Continuing from Part 1 of the Scenic Drive from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay, after passing the Taco Bell with the million dollar view in Pacifica.

The next stop is Montara State beach which involves parking the car in a parking lot along the hill, run across highway One (quickly and carefully) and descending to a forest and beach area.  I didn’t get enough time to make the walk down the path, but the view down there certainly looks promising.



Driving further south, in an unnamed parking/rest area (maybe called the Coastside?), lays a huge grass field that has a path that goes to the ocean.  I didn’t make the hike either, but the people who walked back to the parking lot told me it is worth it, and I love the mural painted on the barrier that marks the rest area.



Continuing south to the Half Moon Bay limits, I came upon a restaurant named La Costanera which wasn’t open when I got there.  It is a Tapas restaurant and I am told there are long lines in the afternoon to watch the sunset


Another place I drove past and stopped for some quick coffee is Here comes the Sun Coffee House.  Cute decor and a warm crowd with a nice view

Here Comes the Sun Coffee Shop


Finally made it to Half Moon Bay, by this time I am ready for some food and ended up grabbing the last Crab Louis salad they had at Silver Star Grill.

From what I can tell the burgers there are good too.


Finally, if you are looking for a upscale relaxing drink and stare at the ocean and golf course, I suggest the lawn at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay


Hence the end of the road trip.  This is a quick day trip, if you start early you can be done before sunset and make it back to San Francisco before dinner.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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