Cuff Blends Jewelry With A Wearable Alert System

Another interesting wearable tech idea with more aesthetics in mind. When mobile phone was new everyone was clipping them to the belt in geek chic which eventually gave way to more accessories like design. With wearables after the novelty of showing it wears off, it will blend more into the day to day look.


For some fashionistas wearables can be clunky, and don’t aesthetically combine well with the other jewelry women and men may have on their wrists such as bracelets, or a watch. Cuff is hoping to change this with a new line of jewelry wearables that serves as an alert system for family and friends.

The Cuff collection consists of bracelets, necklaces, and key chains in a variety of finishes and textures. The line is meant to be unisex, and offers options for both men and women. Each piece is anchored by a small rectangular component called the “CuffLinc.” This acts as an alert system of sorts for family and friends. CuffLincs can be removed and tucked into any of the pieces in the Cuff collection.

Using bluetooth technology, the CuffLinc will connect to your phone via Cuff’s app. If A wearer squeezes the Cuff, an alert will go to the designated people…

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