The Cadillac Poolside Commercial – What do you think?

After reading the above the Harvard Business Review blog on the Cadillac poolside commercial shown and having an interesting debate with friends on facebook about the advertisement, got me to thinking about what Cadillac is trying to do to reposition itself in the new luxury car battles.

Another article from Adage also shows the interest among the advertising community with the commercial.

The old Cadillac mystique from Mad Men, the oversized plush American luxury vehicle, doesn’t work any more with the up and coming buyers who are now considering BMW, Mercedes, Lexus on their short list.

To a luxury car buyer today, “buying American” is not a good enough reason if the product doesn’t perform, and the brand doesn’t align to the lifestyle.

If I look at Cadillac’s brand messaging recently, there still isn’t a coherent image.

On their Youtube channel it is has been about luxury with technology and speed.  Talks about magnetic suspension, building a station wagon that can win in a drag strip, and technology inside the car.

You look at their Instagram feed, notice the number of palm trees in the background like they are appealing to the retirement set in Florida.

I do my commute from San Francisco to Santa Clara, and I see my share of luxury commute vehicles, rarely do I see a new Cadillac other than an occasionally Escalade.

With this new commercial and Americanism, does it sway you to at least check out a Cadillac on the website or in the showroom? Or just talk about it with your friends?



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