Exotic cars in Public in San Francisco – Carporn pics

San Francisco hasn’t reached the level of Beverley Hills Rodeo Drive or London in terms of exotic vehicles spotting, but we have our share in the neighborhood.  Glad to see people driving these cars around and enjoying them rather than put them away for auto shows.   Here are some photos I took recently.  As a rule to respect their privacy I avoid taking pictures of license plates or I mask them before I post.


Silver Aston Martin Vantage S

IMG_7974 IMG_7973


Face-off between a black Ferrari convertible and blue/purple Bentley in the parking lot


White Ferrari 458 Italia

IMG_8420 IMG_8419

Dark Blue Maserati Grandturismo

IMG_7285 IMG_7284

Grey Ferrari 612

IMG_7316 Carporn 2 Ferrari

Carporn 2 Ferrari


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