Unusual commute carporn on good Friday – Aston Martin and Rat Rods

Good Friday was holiday for many but I had to drive down to Santa Clara for work.  Guess many people decided to take their toys out for a good day since at 7am it is usually just commute or commercial vehicles.

Rolling down on 101 is a white Aston Martin Vantage, not your normal commute car that early in the morning.

aston martin commute


Then in a distance I saw something dark and low with wheels and not attached to a truck, and I thought “OMG someone lost a trailer in the middle of the freeway”.

rat rod commute 2

Then the realized the “trailer” is moving at my speed, as I got closer, turns out it was two seriously chopped Rat Rods going down the freeway.

rat rod commute1

The car was barely taller than my hood.  The driver is literally sitting on the floorboard and i was amazed he could see and steer when i saw the size of the engines in front.

The lighting are not good in these shots since I am concentrating on driving and just stuck my phone camera and start shooting, and the sun was in the wrong place

rat rod commute 3

Rat Rod Commute 4 Engine


So it was an entertaining commute if anything else yesterday 🙂


One thought on “Unusual commute carporn on good Friday – Aston Martin and Rat Rods

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