Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

It seems views of robotics future is either Terminator or Aibo, let’s hope the future is somewhere in between


What’s the haps, Pappy Van Meatsack? Still keeping your juices on the inside? Good, because we’re still not quite at the robot dystopia stage but we’re getting there. Our first contender for TIDWRTWHUFOO of the week is this robotic gecko that, aside from looking cute, can scuttle up walls and glass.

The Gecko uses van der Waals’ forces to stick to surfaces thanks to tiny little hairs on its feet to scare the dickens out of you. It’s not all fun and games for the geckos, which is why this new model is so cool.

While roboticists have been able to replicate functional gecko toes for a while now, there’s a lot more that the geckos themselves have going for them besides just their toe material. Because of the molecular bonding, the material sticks to everything, which means that the geckos spend a lot of time trying to keep their…

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