Project Shine Fashion Rocks San Francisco July 27 2014 Photos

Attended Project SHINE Fashion Rocks Event at WISH bar and lounge San Francisco on Sunday night benefiting fund raising for Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

The event featured auctions and fashion show from several designers.

For more information on Project SHINE please visit their page on Facebook Page 



Project Shine Fashion Rocks Facebook

With the dark room and flash lighting the quality of the picture was not ideal.

Thank you to everyone to came to the event and the organizer, designers and models at the event.

More pics below


IMG_9709 IMG_9725 IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9740 IMG_9742 IMG_9747 IMG_9621 IMG_9636 IMG_9638 IMG_9644 IMG_9662 IMG_9668  IMG_9676 IMG_9679  IMG_9683 IMG_9688 IMG_9692


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