Visit to De Young Museum Modern Art

Dropped by to visit De Young Museum before the close of the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit.  No pictures are allowed for that exhibit, but I visited other sections of the museum and here are some of the more interesting pieces from my point of view.



Man Observing Series II by Viola Frey 1094

Glazed Earthware and steel

Fruit Still Life, 1997 by Flora C Mace and Joel Kirkpatrick

Blown glass, Alder


Rover’s Garden Grows 1991 by Dale Chihuly and Italo Scanga

Mixed Media

IMG_9469Seattle Ladder, 1992 by Thermon Statom

IMG_9473Aurora, 2006, by Honda Syoryu

Mandake, Rattan


The Lightness of Being #4, 2008 by Howard Ben Tre

Cast Glass


Anti-Mass, 2005 by Cornelia Parker

Wood charcoal (retrieved from an Alabama Southern Baptist church destroyed by arson) nails and wire


Hovor II, 2004 by El Anatsui

Woven aluminium and copper wire taken from the necks of discarded liquor bottles in Nigeria.  Recalls the woven and pieced designs of kente, a traditional type of Asante or Ewe royal cloth.
IMG_9482Zig V, 1961

Steel and automotive paint


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