Remnants of Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas *or Not*

I was visiting Las Vegas and in the Westgate Hotel (Formerly LVH before that Las Vegas Hilton) which used to host Star Trek the Experience show, a themed attraction with live performers based on the Star Trek franchise.   I actually never made it to the attraction.  As I was sitting having a cup of coffee I noticed the decor around the gift shop area was very out of place of the rest of the casino, then I realized it must have been parts of the Star Trek Experience Tour.

Behind the store is an entrance to the preview area that they will showcase the new Westgate timeshare, and lo and behold, I walked into a set piece reminiscence of DS9 on Star Trek

Anyway, I found that amusing and snapped a couple of quick photographs to share.  Eventually when they renovate Westgate I am sure it will be demolished, but fun to find pieces of a space station behind a gift shop.

**Will Lee  pointed out that it is part of the Space Quest Casino and not part of the Star Trek the Experience and that’s why it remained.

Nothing surprises you in Las Vegas 🙂






2 thoughts on “Remnants of Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas *or Not*

  1. That area you were in is actually the Spacequest Casino and not Star Trek the Experience. This area was created for legal gaming, which had to be separated from the Trek franchise. Star Trek the Experience area was completely gutted from the ceiling to the walls. The bar area and restaurant were torn out and all that’s left is an empty warehouse.

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