Who’s Doing Common-Sense Reasoning And Why It Matters

Proof that common sense is not that common especially in the world of computing, and done times human beings too 🙂


Editor’s note: Catherine Havasi is CEO and co-founder of Luminoso, an artificial intelligence-based text analytics company in Cambridge. Luminoso was founded on nearly a decade of research at the MIT Media Lab on how NLP and machine learning could be applied to text analytics. Catherine also directs the Open Mind Common Sense Project, one of the largest common sense knowledge bases in the world, which she co-founded alongside Marvin Minsky and Push Singh in 1999.

Imagine for a moment that you run into a friend on the street after you return from a vacation in Mexico.

“How was your vacation?” your friend asks.

“It was wonderful. We’re so happy with the trip,” you reply. “It wasn’t too humid, though the water was a bit cold.”

No surprises there, right? You and your friend both know that you’re referring to the weather in terms of “humidity” and the ocean…

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