The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend

Design Reminds me of a cross between a rickshaw and Timbuktu bag


We rarely talk about bags on TC these days (except during Bag Week) but here’s a crowdfunding project that I think would be perfect for all of us multi-phone, laptop-toting nerdotrons. Call the Bolstr, this U.S.-made bag is small enough to be unobtrusive and not fancy enough to rank as a true murse.

Created by Cleveland native Jay Yoo, the thin back features pockets for all your gadgetry including a hidden back pocket for tablets and documents.

The cross-body bag even includes a belt to attach it around your waist like a holster, thereby allowing you to pull off all sorts of action moves like “Running Through The Airport” and “Jumping To Catch A Falling Beer.”

Yoo was featured on where he described his design philosophy as “less-is-more.”

“Most of us do not want to lug around an oversized laptop bag, strap on a fanny pack, or…

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