Watch These Tiny Robots As They Fly Well With Others

Thoughts of the matrix movie plot line right now.


The quadccopters at the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab are truly trained to follow the golden robot rule: fly with others as you’d fly with yourself. Thanks to researchers Yash Mulgaonkar, Gareth Cross and Vijay Kumar, we can see how close these little flying robots are to their noble goal.

The team has created a number of failsafe systems that allow the robots to recover from damage while flying. They can even react to hitting moving objects without falling out of the sky. In one case, two human subjects can even play a little bit of robot ping-pong by batting a docile quadcopter back and forth.

The team has also created a system for a sort of uncanny flocking behavior.

“Later in the video you see 4 pico quadrotors in a ‘tactical delta formation’ showing that multiple pico quadrotors can not only fly in formation, but also follow the leader…

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