Artoo In Love – Very cool fan video shot in San Francisco

A very cool video shot in San Francisco of R2 D2 falling in love.

More information can be found here
Official Selection: Sonoma International Film Festival 2015


Writer, Director, Co-Editor: Evan Atherton
Produced by: TRUE MVMNT |
Executive Producer, Co-Editor: Shara Esbenshade
Co-Executive Producer, Artoo Builder/Operator: Grant McKinney
Producer, Production Designer: Sargam Atherton
Director of Photography, Aerial Camera Op.: Wesley Walker

Original Music by: Devin Mooers

VFX by:
Pete Billington
Landis Fields

Sound Design by: Joshua Chang

R2-V1 and Mouse Droid Builder/Operator: Brian Munger
R2-KT Builder/Operator: Evan Atherton & Grant McKinney
Robotic Arm Development: David Thomasson
Drone Pilot: Maurice Conti
Colorist: Charlie Nordstrom
Caricature Art by: Ian O’Neill
Titles by: Julian Bialowas

Special thanks to:
Susan Atherton, Gerard Fajardo, Chris James, Julio Menard, Blake Menezes, Stephen Simpson, Jeren Suzuki, Autodesk, Inc., Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, Lucasfilm Ltd.,,

RED, Zeiss, DJI, MOVI, Universal Robotics





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