Better communication: Pause for 45 seconds, respond with respect

Very good advice for communication especially for people managers

The Context Of Things

Communication At Work

The absolute No. 1 thing that gets the lowest scores on any employee survey, almost regardless of industry and context, is communication. This makes perfect sense: humans are flawed beings, they often want things they can’t explain properly, they often enter most situations with boatloads of biases about how and why and when things need to be done, and working styles are different. If you have a staff of even 10, it’s almost impossible to get them to communicate properly. The marketing dude thinks 1 thing is important, and the IT guy thinks another thing is. When they talk, there will be an impasse. It’s life.

As you get bigger organizations, this communication becomes more complex — and thus harder. It doesn’t help that most managers aren’t really great at their jobs. And it certainly don’t help that many managers arrive at that state and feel they need to 

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