The True Cost image via truecostmovie.com

Late last month Andrew Morgan’s The True Costscreened internationally, allowing fashion and environmental enthusiasts to view the issues of fast fashion from a global perspective.

Andrew chose his tactics well to portray the convoluted system of fast fashion. With surprising statistics (such as, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry today) and emotionally charged footage of violence, disability, and poverty in the countries producing our fast fashion items, we can’t help but feel terror at the enormity of the issue. The system is so intricately crafted, with many countries, economies, people, and resources involved.

What is most interesting to note in his film is the economic argument. The True Cost shows how this single system has united economies worldwide, which are all now incredibly dependent on its success. Originally, fast fashion was supposed to have multiple economic advantages, for America and abroad—poorer countries were to…

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