The sales-marketing divide isn’t going away anytime soon

The Context Of Things

Sales-Marketing DivideI had a freelance gig for a while writing articles for 9Lenses, and one of the articles I wrote was this jam on how to align sales and marketing. I think that’s a fairly large topic and people often avoid it, or shift the convo to other things, when it comes up.

Here’s my two cents, before we get going: marketing is essentially a support system for sales. If marketing is doing everything right and to the tee, sales should theoretically be increasing. You can bring up arguments here that part of marketing is “protecting the brand identity” and all that, and that’s somewhat true — but revenue pays salaries, so unless you want to slice marketing headcount eventually, the fundamental goal of marketing is to raise awareness, and thus hopefully sales, of a product or idea.

The problem is often that the goals and timelines of…

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