Link short-term decision-making to long-term goals

The Context Of Things

Short-Term Decisions and Long-Term Goals

In the grand scheme of writing this blog, one of the most interesting things that I think I’ve ever written is this whole idea of “micro” vs. “macro.” Basically, you can get consensus among one group (say, a senior leadership team) and that’s at the macro level. When that team breaks up and goes back to their individual teams and communicate the idea, you need success at the micro level (the day-to-day). Those are often not aligned. So “macro” — big picture — is often set, but then it falls apart when we need to actually get it executed at the “micro” — granular — level.

Phrased another way and going in the other direction, there’s a very real concept whereby daily deliverables (the micro) murdered strategy (the macro) in most organizations. This essentially happened because everyone is allowed to run around believing how busy they are. As such, no…

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