About Kenneth Leung

Kenneth and Meadowood CoverThis is the personal blog page of Kenneth Leung, technology marketer, foodie, cook, and admirer of great ideas.
Currently Director of Enterprise Industry Marketing for Avaya in Santa Clara, California.

Living in SOMA San Francisco

This blog is the place where I put down my thoughts and experiences about marketing, business, and life

It maybe links to articles I have read that I find interesting to share, or original articles that I author.

It maybe things happening in San Francisco or in my travels, of interesting scenery, cars or fashion

In my spare time, I am also writing a book on marketing which I hope will come out Christmas 2015

What it shouldn’t be, is boring…. I hope.


I have a separate blog on whatiskeneating.com where I blog about restaurants that I have eaten in.

Enjoy, and you can find the rest of my social media feeds on About.me which links to other feeds such as  InstagramTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

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