Good way of handling stress and frustration

3 Lessons from failure by Leadership Freak

We all fail at some point, some big some small.  The key is to learn from it

The same failures repeat for blunt skulls. It’s not enough to say, “I screwed up.” A 3 step system to come out smarter after failure: #1. Name it. Address the past. Name the bad decisions and behaviors that led to failure. I didn’t explore constructive dissent. I allowed others to lower my standards. I didn’t discuss this […]

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5 Ways to Come Out Ahead in Complex Situations — Leadership Freak

You aren’t doing much if you don’t grapple with uncertainty. Complex issues have many solutions. Thinking otherwise closes minds. Closed minds damage organizations and limit leaders. Avoid the appeal of first suggestions. “One solution” leaders: Elevate stress. If there is only one right solution, everything else is wrong. Increase defensiveness. Inspire adversarial relationships that end […]

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Look out and Be Well and take a deep breath

Look out for those who call you “friends” but have different intentions Look out for your health. Yes, it’s your body, but shouldn’t we learn to treat it with more respect? I’m sure it’ll thank you in the long run. Look, not everybody will take you serious in this life But… Do Look out for […]

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Leadership Lessons from Stanley Cup Champions – by Jim Earle

When the Pittsburgh Penguins started the 2015-16 hockey season, Matt Murray was on their minor league team’s roster. But when the season ended, he was the starting goalie on the Penguins NHL team, and a Stanley Cup Champion who tied the record for victories by a rookie in the NHL playoffs. What started as just […]

For the record I live in the bay area and so disappointed that the Sharks didn’t win the Stanley Cup, but credit where credit is due 🙂

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A look at Silicon Valley Unicorns – Dreams ending? via Quartz

Is Silicon Valley Unicorns fantasy collapsing? according to Bill Gurley


Thoughtful analysis by Bill Gurley interviewed by Alison Grissworld at Quartz on his views on the collapse of the Unicorns (startups with billion dollar evaluation) and the forces behind it.

Having lived in the Bay area for a while, the forces for exceptional exuberance is strong is this town.  Optimism drives this town but fantasies come true for very few and just like aspiring actors or professional sports players, the winners are few but the stories are many.



4 Ways to Fix What’s Wrong with Accountability

The chief end of accountability is nudging people toward their potential by leveraging untapped talent. The secondary end of accountability is getting things done. Who you are comes before what you do. #1. Choose internal before external: Accountability that energizes people is helping them live up to their talent, values, and aspirations. Help people see who they might become. […]