She Created Netflix’s Culture And It Ultimately Got Her Fired – Via Fast Company

Perfect Sentiment:  Remember, “companies don’t exist to make you happy. You know that, right? The business doesn’t exist to serve you. The business exists to serve your customers,” reminds McCord


House of CCUOCO fashion preview 2016 

Here are some photographs from a 2016 preview of House of CCUOCO collection in San Francisco on January 30th at Panhandle Home. Candice Cuoco showed 4 pieces in SF on the weekend of Screen Actors Guild Award where Candice also dressed some of the red carpet fashion.

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Sudden Breakthroughs in Subtle Blind Spots

Successful leaders have the wonderful capacity to tragically misjudge themselves. We snicker or cringe at people who believe they’re great singers, when they can’t carry a tune. But, what if you’re that person? Truth be told, you have blind spots. The most common blind spot is believing others have them, but you don’t. Blind spots […]

Rethinkers Are Stinkers

One member of my team called my ability to rethink decisions frustrating. It drove him nuts. I thought it was the pursuit of excellence. Now I know it’s dangerous. Rethinkers lead sluggish organizations. When leaders are great at rethinking, decisions aren’t final. 4 dangers of rethinking: Foot dragging when decisions are unpopular. Just wait. Things […]