The Former Head of the CIA on Managing the Hunt for Bin Laden via HBR


Good lessons on leadership, planning and execution whether you are doing a product launch or hunting Bin Laden, from the former head of the CIA



She Created Netflix’s Culture And It Ultimately Got Her Fired – Via Fast Company

Perfect Sentiment:  Remember, “companies don’t exist to make you happy. You know that, right? The business doesn’t exist to serve you. The business exists to serve your customers,” reminds McCord

The Good and The Bad of Work

I heard a good story this week about hard work and commitment. It was the story of a young management consultant working for one of the nation’s largest and most well-known consulting firms. This young consultant kept getting assigned what was considered “bad” work. These jobs were at smaller corporations and did not offer much […]

Lack of strategy = rise of politics

Was just reading this review of #CMWorld from a few weeks ago in Cleveland — it’s a content marketing conference, if you don’t know — and came across this section: This approach is the result of us starting out with the assumption that content marketing is for us. This is the end point, she noted—not […]

Who cares if you’re an individual superstar if you can’t work on a team? Via the context of things 

Found this article on Forbes via Digital Tonto. It’s about individuals vs. teams in terms of development, etc. Here’s the final paragraph, which kind of summarizes everything (as final paragraphs tend to do): All of this points to a major change in how we need to recruit, train and manage people.  Many long-held practices, such as individual […]

Overwork is bad for you — and your company via the context of things 

I’m fully of the belief that 55 hours of work/week is a hard ceiling, but I also know a ton of people I’ve worked with over my life who run around screaming about headcount, bandwith, and deliverables with their hair ablaze — all the while telling anyone that will listen that they worked 82 hours […]

14 Examples Of LeBron James’ Incredible Work Ethic via Business Insider

Whether you are a professional athlete or a business executive, preparation and continuous improvement is the key to long term success.  Simply because you were successful yesterday does’t mean you will be tomorrow.

Good to see Lebron’s work ethics pay off and you hear stories of his success rather than personal or financial problems some of his peers face.