A bad culture will cost you money (and everything)

The Context Of Things

One of the most unbelievable things about work to me is that old-school, high-up-the-ladder guys always give total lip service to ideas like “culture” and “employee engagement.” I understand why on face. Those are soft, fluffy topics. They can’t immediately go to a balance sheet and make you money. Those things (the balance sheet, the monies) are really the focus, but we can’t say they’re the focus, so we talk about other things — even though no one with a brain really believes those other things (“… building a culture of teamwork…”) actually matter. Here’s another way to look at it: how often do your top people sit down and talk about finances, margins, revenues, and targets? OK, a lot, right? Now compare that to this: how often do they talk about people, who should be where, etc? Probably a lot less. And when they talk about people, they’re probably…

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