What you feel for a brand is essentially “rational love”

People affiliate and enjoy their relationship with brands, like Apple, BMW, Mercedes, etc. Go to a cars and Coffee or the Apple Developers Conference, you see expressions for love for a brand 🙂

The Context Of Things

Love for Brands is declining

Kinda interesting, via here:

The researchers first approached the question with structured interviews of 60 study participants about brands and people they loved and liked. They noticed some similarities in the way participants discussed humans and items: those that were loved felt indispensable, triggered caretaking instincts, and enhanced a moment or experience. But beloved brands were described in rational, highly reciprocal terms—the good had to give something back to the consumer—whereas interpersonal love could be selfless and emotionally one-sided.

So the basic idea here is that a bunch of academic research was done on brands and human connections back to brands, right? The way people love people — i.e. interpersonal relationships — is often not logical (this shouldn’t surprise you; see “family” and “many of your friends” for examples), whereas the way people love brands — is a bit more rational, which in this case means something similar to “reciprocal.”…

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